Published: 06-04-2018 15:19 | Updated: 06-04-2018 15:19

New Facebook for Students at Karolinska Institutet

A bunch of hand-picked students from each generation of the Global Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes at Karolinska Institutet become a Digital Ambassadors each year, the idea is that they will share they experiences at Karolinska Institutet and Sweden with future students through blogs, videos, pictures and directly answering their questions. They are the student face of KI for Students.

In the center of all this, there is the @Prospective Students at Karolinska Institutet Facebook Page, where all the content created by Digital Ambassadors is shared, along with useful information to future students such as events in and outcampus, partner-organizations, work done by KI, etc.

This year, we want to extend the reach of our Digital Ambassadors and of their Facebook page to Prospective Students, but also current students (and former students), and not only for the Global Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes, but from all students at Karolinska Institutet, with content both in English and in Swedish.

The new Facebook of the Digital Ambassadors at Karolinska Institutet will be launching soon, and we will like to know what you think!

Like, share and comment our videos, blogs and posts in the new, upgraded, updated, modernized, well-run, improved and amended Facebook page @Karolisnka Institutet Student.