Published: 28-04-2023 14:02 | Updated: 28-04-2023 14:03

New contact details to KI Housing

KI Housing is now a part of KI instead of being an independent company owned by KI Holding AB. Within the KI organization, the Housing office can now be found under the Property Management Unit at the Property and Facilities Office. Due to the transition, KI Housing has new contact details:

New contact details

New website

Read more about KI Housing, our accommodation areas and how to apply etcetera on our new web at

New email addresses

For administrative questions, please send an email to

For questions regarding maintenance matters, service in our areas or other practical questions, please send an email to

For questions to our Residence Assistants in KI Residence Solna, please send an email to

New office location

The KI Housing office is now located on the fifth floor in the Administration building, at Nobels väg 5.