Published: 07-10-2022 13:44 | Updated: 07-10-2022 13:45

New book on women's health is presented at KI's Culture Day

At KI's Culture Day on October 19, Ina Schuppe Koistinen, researcher at the department of microbiology, tumor and cell biology, presents her new book "Vulva: facts, myths and life-changing insights".

Ina Schuppe Koistinen
Ina Schuppe Koistinen Photo: Kristian Pohl

Even today, many women find it difficult to get help from the healthcare system when it comes to women-specific ailments. Instead, many turn to forums and closed internet groups where health-threatening tips and misinformation spread like wildfire. Bacterial vaginosis, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, the list of ailments that can affect people with a vulva can be made long. But did you know that only 4% of all research and development in the pharmaceutical industry is invested in solving women's health issues? And that almost all medical research has traditionally been conducted on men?

In Ina Schuppe Koistinen's new book "Vulva: facts, myths and life-changing insights", you can take part of knowledge and concrete advice based on the latest research on the importance of vaginal flora for women's health and fertility. Research on everything from vaginal bacterial flora to contraceptives is presented and explained. The book is illustrated with Ina's watercolors.

The book will be presented by the author herself at KI's culture day, on October 19, at Medicinska Föreningen at 16:00-18:00 p.m. Read more about the event here.