Published: 01-03-2017 16:39 | Updated: 01-03-2017 16:39

Medical yoga in the workplace setting−perceived stress and work ability−a feasibility study

Authors: Iben Axén Gabriella Follin

Published abstract:

In this quasi-experimental feasibility study, the conduction of a work-place intervention with Medical Yoga was examined. Recruiting participating work units through the unit managers was challenging. Less than 40% of the work group wanted to participate in an activity that was free and adapted to their work schedule and adherence to the intervention (Medical Yoga in nine weekly sessions) varied a great deal between individuals. Perceived stress diminished and perceived work ability increased both in the intervention and the control groups during the study.

Care should be taken when planning the intervention in terms of information, availability, site and time of yoga sessions as well as the length of the intervention and an independent instructor.