Published: 04-05-2023 09:55 | Updated: 04-05-2023 15:48

Major EU grant to KI researchers to Improve Youth Mental Health and Well-being

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Photo: Christian Lue

Several KI researchers at the department of Global public Health, are part of an international project that has been awarded 3.7 million Euros. The funding comes from the EU Horizon scheme to help young people aged 12-15 improve their mental health and reduce their risk of chronic illnesses.

The project, Youth co-Production for Sustainable Engagement and Empowerment in health (YiPEE) is a multi-country project. The team at GPH includes Stefan Swartling Peterson, Carina King, Mariam Claeson, Jad Shedrawy, and Jhon Alvarez Ahlgren, and Jill Åhs.

Youth mental health is a public health priority and yet there is a lack of sustainable and youth-owned initiatives in this area.

"Given that health during adolescence plays a key role in life-long health and well-being, focusing on empowering youth will have impacts on their current and future health.” says Carina King, Associate Professor at department of Global Public Health GPH

The researchers will use a youth-driven approach, meaning that young people will be involved in developing and implementing the program. The project will study how effective the program is, how much it costs, and how well it can be adapted for different locations.

“With this Grant, we hope to make significant contributions to improving youth mental health and well-being in four diverse global cities Stockholm, Chennai, Nairobi and Cape Town. “ says Stefan Swartling Peterson, Professor at department of Global public health.”


Carina King Principal Researcher