Published: 18-04-2024 13:13 | Updated: 18-04-2024 14:05

KI-SMMS - New resource at KI provides custom analyses of small molecules

The KI-SMMS laboratory.

Following extensive investment in custom-built facilities, the Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (KI-SMMS), is operating at full speed as of Fall 2023.

This core facility is hosted by the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) and located at Biomedicum. It is equipped with an array of mass spectrometry systems and commensurate sample preparation equipment tailored to the specific needs of KI and Region Stockholm researchers. 

More information: The Karolinska Institute Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (KI-SMMS)  

Biological mass spectrometry is a highly versatile technique with multiple applications in the field of small molecule analysis. Coupled to separation techniques, an endless number of research questions can be answered using this technology across diverse research domains. Mass spectrometry can be applied for biomarker discovery, disease diagnosis, therapeutic drug monitoring, and pharmacokinetic studies as well as answer questions in basic biochemistry, toxicology, and nutrition. These services are now available to KI researchers at the Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry core facility.


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Craig Wheelock

Scientific Director
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Antonio Checa Gómez

Senior Research Infrastructure Specialist