Published: 03-04-2017 09:48 | Updated: 20-07-2020 13:27

KI researcher Henrik Ehrsson awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in medicine

Henrik Ehrsson, professor of cognitive neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, was awarded the 2017 Göran Gustafsson Prize in medicine last Friday by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Doctoral student Zakaryah Abdulkarim, MD, shows how to create the illusion of invisibility in the lab. Illustration of paper published in Scienfici Reports in April 2015 by Professor Henrik Ehrsson and his team at the Department of Neuroscience. Photo: Staffan Larsson

Professor Henrik Ehrsson employs virtual reality technology to research how the senses can influence the physiological perception of self in the interface between neuroscience and psychology. He was awarded the prize for “his fundamental and elegant studies of cerebral functions associated with own-body perception”. The prize amount is SEK 4.5 million in research grant divided over three years and a personal award of SEK 250,000.

The five recipients of this year’s Göran Gustafsson Prize share a total sum of almost SEK 24 million for their research achievements in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology and medicine.