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5 september

5 september 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1, Solna
Campus Solna
Welcome to an open international symposium on diabetes-related research. During the symposium, the Rolf Luft Award 2024 awardee Dame Commander Frances Ashcroft from the University of Oxford, will hold the Prize Lecture "Metabolic regulation of insulin secretion in health and disease".
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Molekylär medicin och kirurgi, Tillväxt & metabolism, Signaltransduktion

14 november

14 november 9:00 am
Biomedicum, Eva & Georg Klein Hall
Campus Solna
A one-day open international symposium on diabetes related research is organized annually at KI campus. The aim is to increase interactions between internationally recognized researchers within diabetes and metabolism and the research community at KI and in Sweden.
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21 may

21 may to 23 may
Umeå Väven Conference Center
Save the dates for the 5th Swedish Diabetes Summit!
These meetings aim to bring together Swedish diabetes researchers for new interactions and collaborations. This three-day lunch-to-lunch meeting will include a showcase of diabetes research in Sweden and is co-organized by the two Swedish…
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