Published: 18-02-2016 16:32 | Updated: 19-02-2016 13:11

Karin Dahlman-Wright named Acting Vice-Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet

On 18 February, the government decided to appoint Karin Dahlman-Wright as Acting Vice-Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet, replacing Anders Hamsten, who stepped down from his assignment as Vice-Chancellor 13 February.

Karin Dahlman-Wright has been Professor of Molecular Endocrinology since 2009. Her research focuses on studies of estrogen signaling, with specific focus on type 2 diabetes and breast cancer. Karin Dahlman-Wright was appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor on 1 January 2016.

At a meeting on 17 February, the the KI University Board decided to issue a request to the government regarding the promotion of Karin Dahlman-Wright as the stand-in vice-chancellor for Karolinska Institutet following the resignation of Anders Hamsten. The University Board also decided to start the recruitment process for a new ordinary vice-chancellor and, similarly, to start an abbreviated process to appoint an acting pro-vice-chancellor as soon as possible.

“This is where we start trying to rebuild the confidence we have lost,” says board chairperson Lars Leijonborg. “We’re convinced that Karin Dahlman-Wright is the right person to take on this responsibility. We need an acting pro-vice-chancellor at her side, and we hope to be able to appoint someone within the coming fortnight. Recruiting a new ordinary vice-chancellor for a six-year term of office, however, is something that needs to take time, and it’s very likely that no decision will be taken until the autumn.”

At the meeting Karin Dahlman-Wright also announced that the misconduct case against surgeon Paolo Macchiarini will be re-opened and passed to the Central Ethical Review Board for comment.