Published: 11-04-2017 15:22 | Updated: 11-04-2017 16:31

Joining forces for science and facts

Hello there, Cissi Askwall, Secretary General of Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science), which is coordinating March for Science on 22 April. Some thirty organisations, one of them Karolinska Institutet, are supporting March for Science in Sweden. But what is the manifestation really all about?

“It’s a manifestation for science and for facts. It’s important to remember that it’s not a demonstration against certain political leaders and so-called alternative facts,” Cissi Askwall says.

The goal of March for Science is to show the importance of openness in research, critical thinking, a scientific approach and evaluation of sources. But also the importance of dialogue around research, and how it can be used, and that politicians should have access to and use evidence-based science.

“Here in Sweden the march will be held in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Umeå, and worldwide in a total of about 500 cities.

Students at Karolinska Institutet did not hesitate to latch on the global initiative.

“They’ve been driving forces in our group from the outset and it’s also extremely gratifying that KI is supporting March for Science,” Cissi Askwall goes on.

What route will the march take in Stockholm?

“We’ll start from Mariatorget at noon on the day and then proceed to Medborgarplatsen, where representatives of science will make speeches. We’ll also have entertainers and opinion formers on the stage.

Anyone wishing to register can find the event on Facebook March for Science, Stockholm.