Published: 27-05-2015 09:48 | Updated: 27-05-2015 09:54

Information on complaints concerning performed tracheal operations and their investigation

An ongoing case in which Karolinska Institutet is investigating alleged scientific misconduct has attracted considerable attention in the Swedish and international media. There are two parts to the case.

Firstly, there are the scientific papers that had been published following three operations involving the grafting of a synthetic trachea. It is the responsibility of Karolinska Institutet’s vice-chancellor to investigate suspicions of scientific misconduct.

Secondly, there are the operations that were carried out at Karolinska University Hospital, which are the subject of an inquiry led by the Health and Social Care Inspectorate. The Swedish Medical Products Agency (LMV) has received a complaint regarding a possible breach of the pharmaceuticals legislation. LMV has filed a report with a prosecutor to ascertain the legal situation.

Find information on complaints concerning previously performed tracheal operations and their investigation.