Published: 10-06-2019 07:35 | Updated: 22-07-2019 14:13

Information about the waste fractions by the coffee stations

KI work actively to try to raise awareness within KI regarding agenda 2030, and to strengthen the work with environment and sustainable development at campus. One of KIs environment and sustainable development goals is that waste should be reduced and recycled.

Waste fractions by coffee machines in Biomedicum

Therefore, you can find the following waste fractions by each coffee station in Biomedicum:

  • Combustible waste (e.g. food waste/leftovers, dirty paper/plastic/metal packaging, styrofoam packaging, used napkins)
  • Paper packaging (e.g. paper cups, paper plates, laminated paper packaging, “less dirty” napkins)
  • Plastic packaging (soft and hard plastics, e.g. plastic cans (rinsed), dairy plastic packaging, cellophane)
  • New separate containers for deposit plastic bottles will soon also be available

For more examples for each faction, see leaflet on Combustible waste.  

Please do not dispose of leftovers, glass, metal, liquids etc. in the paper or plastic fraction! In case of ambiguity please discard the waste in the combustible fraction. 
Note that the paper bag in the paper fraction will break if liquids and food waste are discarded in this fraction.
Fractions not located by the coffee stations (glass, metal) can be found in the waste room of the quarters. 
More information on KI waste management is available at the KI staff portal. 
More information on The Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Please contact FM If you have any questions or concerns about recycling or waste management.