Published: 08-12-2021 14:57 | Updated: 08-12-2021 14:57

Important dates before the Holidays

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Photo: Torsten Dettlaff, Pexels.

We are approaching Holidays ans the closing of the books and would like to remind you of some important information regarding finances and HR.

The administration will not be manned during Decmber 23, 2021 - January 3, 2022.

Supplier Invoices

All supplier invoices should be approved and authorized by 5th of January at the latest. It is extremely important to continually deal with all the invoices received in your e-mail inboxes. No acquisitions regarding equipment after December 11th.

Expense claims

All expense claims must be registered in the PA-web by December 10th at the latest.

Holidays /Temps

All invoice approvers and authorizers must delegate their duties in the UBW/Agresso web if you are unable to take care of your invoices during the holiday period. No supplier invoices should be left unprocessed during this time.

Direct payments

We no longer have the technical possibility to handle urgent payments at the Finance Department at MBB.  These must be processed through the supplier’s invoice system and payments are made centrally at KI. It is therefore important that you plan for forthcoming payments for conferences etc.

Access to Biomedicum

Please let us know of any new staff arriving at Biomedicum as early as possible so that no one
is left without access to the building during the holidays.

Application of leave of absence

All applications of leave of absence (holidays, parental leave, etc) must be submitted and attested in the PA web as soon as possible and by December 8th at the latest in order to avoid errors with salaries.

Recruitment processes

Recruitment processes will not be initiated during the holidays.  Ongoing recruitments need to be finalized by December 20th.

New employments

All new employees must register their bank account with Swedbank.

Prolongations of employments and scholarships

Prolongations of employments and scholarships, new scholarships and affiliations must be handled and finalized by December 9th.


Make sure you update/renew your KI account password in due time.  You can reset your password by yourself, follow the instructions on the Staff Portal.

Sick leave

If an employee becomes ill while on holiday leave, sick leave must be reported to on the first day of sickness.


Carina Hammarström Head of Administration