Published: 18-06-2021 11:57 | Updated: 18-06-2021 11:57

IMM researcher takes part in Nature Nano Talk webinar to discuss FAIR nanosafety data

In order to assess the health and environmental risks of nanomaterials, data is needed. The effective management and reuse of data from standardised testing methods, but also from new high-efficiency and animal-free methods, is expected to accelerate and improve both research and the risk assessment of chemicals and nanomaterials.

Data is also crucial to the implementation and execution of Safe and Sustainable by Design as part of the goal to achieve a non-toxic environment and a circular economy. Published in 2016, the FAIR principles stipulate that research data should generally be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. The principles have quickly had a major impact, both internationally and in Sweden.

A new publication led by Penny Nymark at the Institute of Environmental Medicine describes challenges, lessons learned and recommendations on how to advance the development towards FAIR nanosafety data. The study is a result of a broad collaboration effort in the project NanoReg2 and further work in the project Gov4Nano has led to the establishment of a FAIR Implementation Network for nano- and advanced materials (AdvancedNanoIN).

On 24th June, 2021, Nymark will participate in the webinar Nature Nano Talks, organized by the journal Nature Nanotechnology, to discuss data reusability and the FAIR principles in nanotechnology.

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Towards FAIR nanosafety data.
Jeliazkova N, Apostolova MD, Andreoli C, Barone F, Barrick A, Battistelli C, Bossa C, Botea-Petcu A, Châtel A, De Angelis I, Dusinska M, El Yamani N, Gheorghe D, Giusti A, Gómez-Fernández P, Grafström R, Gromelski M, Jacobsen NR, Jeliazkov V, Jensen KA, Kochev N, Kohonen P, Manier N, Mariussen E, Mech A, Navas JM, Paskaleva V, Precupas A, Puzyn T, Rasmussen K, Ritchie P, Llopis IR, Rundén-Pran E, Sandu R, Shandilya N, Tanasescu S, Haase A, Nymark P
Nat Nanotechnol 2021 Jun;16(6):644-654

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