Published: 28-05-2019 20:44 | Updated: 28-05-2019 20:44

IMM researcher criticizes high EU limit values for carcinogens

The new binding occupational exposure limit values ​​for carcinogens introduced by the EU are in many cases far too high. This is stated by Gunnar Johanson, senior professor at IMM, and Håkan Tinnerberg, occupational hygienist at the University of Gothenburg, in the editorial in the latest issue of Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health. According to the authors, it is good that more binding limit values ​​have been implemented, but some of them are outrageously high and breach the fundamental rights of safe and healthy working conditions. In addition, there are still very few binding limit values, many more are needed to give workers sufficient protection.

Binding occupational exposure limits for carcinogens in the EU – good or bad?