Published: 04-07-2023 15:32 | Updated: 04-07-2023 15:32

Health risks of heat-not-burn products

On behalf of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, researchers at IMM have produced the document "Expert opinion on heated tobacco products”.

In the document, the concepts of heating/combustion are discussed together with the content of the smoke as well as measurable biomarkers and potential negative health effects when using these products after a thorough review of the present published literature. Early markers of cardiovascular disease such as blood pressure and heart rate increases and vascular arterial stiffness have been identified with HTP use. Exposure for HTP also results in oxidative stress and an increased inflammation in the airways. However, studies on long-term effects are missing, as this is such a new product on the market. 

Expert opinion on heated tobacco products
Koustav Ganguly, Swapna Upadhyay, Mizanur Rahman, Gunnar Johanson, Lena Palmberg
Unit of Integrative Toxicology, Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM, 2023)