Published: 19-10-2016 15:45 | Updated: 30-03-2022 14:11

Hans Hertz and Marie Arsenian Henriksson receive Knut and Alice Wallenberg Grant for over 30M SEK

Professor Hans Hertz at KTH (as main applicant) and Professor Marie Arsenian Henriksson at MTC and Professor Muhammet Toprak at KTH (as co-applicants) have received a grant for 33 090 000 SEK from The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The grant is for their project entitled ”Molecular X-Ray Micro Imaging” and will cover a five year period.

The objective of the project is to develop molecular in vivo bio imaging with approximately 10 times higher resolution than any existing method. This method relies on x-ray fluorescence from targeted metallic nanoparticles and will first be developed in the mouse.

More information about the grant