Published: 11-06-2014 18:49 | Updated: 24-06-2014 12:52

Hairdressers are exposed to carcinogens

In a recently published study the level of aromatic amines in the blood was measured in 295 hairdressers, 32 hair dye consumers, and 60 controls. The results indicate that hairdressers are exposed to ortho-toluidine and meta-toluidene. These are banned in cosmetics in EU since they are known or suspected carcinogens. The level increased in tandem with the number of weekly treatments with hair dyes and hair perms. The study was led by researchers at Lund University and in collaboration with researchers at IMM (Anders Boman, Karin Broberg, Carola Lidén, Marie-Louise Lind, and Birgitta Meding).


Exposure of hairdressers to ortho- and meta-toluidine in hair dyes.
Johansson G, Jönsson B, Axmon A, Lindh C, Lind M, Gustavsson M, et al
Occup Environ Med 2015 Jan;72(1):57-63

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Professor Carola Lidén, IMM

IMM´s Unit of Occupational and Environmental Dermatology