Published: 06-10-2020 15:33 | Updated: 09-10-2020 16:39

FORTE grants ca 19 million SEK to four researchers at NVS

NVS congratulates Ann-Helen Patomella, Lena von Koch, Maria Hagströmer and Neda Agahi!

Ann-Helen Patomella, Senior lecturer and Associate professor in Occupational therapy at the Division of Occupational Therapy, receives 4 990 000 SEK for the project ”Make My Day: evaluating a stroke prevention program based on participation in engaging everyday activities promoting health”.

Lena von Koch, Professor in health care research, the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, receives 4 900 000 SEK for the project ”Participation in society after an acquired brain injury - a participatory approach”.

Maria Hagströmer, Professor in physiotherapy, the Division of Physiotherapy, receives 4 340 000 SEK for her project  ”Hazardous alcohol use in hypertensive patients in routine primary care - prevalence and methods for detection”.

Neda Agahi, Research assistent and Associate Professor in Public Health at the Division of Aging Research Center, receives 4 620 000 SEK for the project ”Aging in flux: how changing behaviors and lifestyles in the new cohorts are reshaping old age”.