Published: 29-06-2021 09:49 | Updated: 29-06-2021 10:11

Five researchers at NVS receive CIMED grants 2022-2024

Photo: Pixabay

Congratulations to all of you, who share a total of SEK 7,650,000!

CIMED project grant 2022-2024 – Junior

David Moulaee Conradsson

Division of Physiotherapy

Project title: How can promotion of physical activity after stroke or transient ischemic attack work remotely? Evaluation of an innovative telerehabilitation program to improve cardiovascular health

Hong Xu

Division of Clinical Geriatrics

Project title: Dementia, kidney disease and COVID-19

Urban Ekman

Division of Clinical Geriatrics

Project title: A collected clinical approach aiming at improved diagnostic accuracy and development of novel effective psychosocial interventions in patients with early-phase cognitive impairments

CIMED projektbidrag 2022-2024 – Senior

Anna-Karin Welmer

Division of Physiotherapy

Project title: Preventing functional decline in acutely hospitalized older patients – effect of a simple exercise program versus individualized multicomponent training (PREV FUNC study)

Lars-Olof Wahlund

Division of Clinical Geriatrics

Project title: Alcohol and dementia - Is there a connection?


CIMED (Centre for Innovative Medicine) supports clinical and translational research of the highest quality at Campus Flemingsberg. CIMED's mission is to strengthen the clinical research node at Campus Flemingsberg and stimulate collaboration between researchers at Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet. CIMED is funded by Region Stockholm.