Published: 17-06-2024 10:55 | Updated: 17-06-2024 11:14

Fang Fang is awarded the Eric K. Fernström prize 2024

Fang Fang, professor in epidemiology at the Institute for Environmental Medicine in Solna, is awarded the prize for her outstanding efforts in epidemiology, as a researcher in neurodegenerative diseases, especially ALS.

Fang Fang. Photo by Ulf Sirbon
Fang Fang. Photo by Ulf Sirborn

Professor Fang Fang is an eminent researcher, who has distinguished herself in the field of epidemiology, with over 250 published articles and significant contributions to the research of neurodegenerative diseases, especially ALS. Fang Fang has also played a critical role in shaping the next generation of researchers, with 35 PhD students and 17 postdocs under her supervision. Her research and leadership make her a worthy recipient of The Eric K Fernström prize for young, especially promising and successful researchers.

The motivation from the expert jury:

"Professor Fang Fang is both ambitious and courageous, having focused on initiating new large-scale studies and integrating cutting-edge molecular biology and data science technologies with epidemiology."

The awarded will receive the prize at a ceremony in Lund at "Forskningens dag". 

The prize winner is awarded a prize sum and a diploma.

The Eric K Fernström Foundation was formed in 1978 to promote scientific and medical research. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to make awards of monetary prizes to researchers who have made outstanding contributions within the medical sciences. Fernström’s special desire was to stimulate younger researchers. The Foundation therefore makes one award of a Nordic prize and one award to young medical researchers active in Sweden. Each one of Sweden’s medical faculties designates its own prize winner