Published: 08-09-2015 15:46 | Updated: 01-12-2015 13:31

Emma Andersson and Robert Månsson is to be awarded the 2014 Hagberg prize

The Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagberg prize in medicine 2014 is awarded to Emma Andersson, Senior researcher at the Department of Biosciences and Robert Månsson, Assistant professor at the Department of Laboratory Medicine.

Emma Andersson. Foto: Linda LindellEmma Andersson is awarded the prize for her work concerning how the Wnt and Notch signalling pathways control differentiation and morphogenesis during embryonic development. It is important to gain an understanding of these signalling pathways, since a range of diseases can arise when they do not function properly during development. Dr Andersson is doing important research into Alagille syndrome, a genetic disorder that arises in early childhood and affects the liver, heart and kidney.

Robert Månsson. Foto: Lisa Nordenhem Robert Månsson is awarded the prize for his work concerning early haematopoiesis and three-dimensional genomic architecture, and the relationship between this higher order genomic organization of genes and transcriptional regulation. He is particularly interested in genes that are involved in the development of blood cells. The overall aim of his work is to gain a greater understanding of normal blood cell development why some genetic mutations cause blood cancers.

About the prize: The Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagberg Prize awards a personal prize and research funding to especially outstanding junior researchers at Karolinska Institutet. This year, the prizewinners will be awarded SEK 150,000 each as well as research funding to the sum of SEK 175,000 each. The prize will be awarded at Karolinska Institutet’s Installation Ceremony on 15 October 2015.