Published: 21-04-2016 14:43 | Updated: 21-04-2016 14:44

Decision on new board for Karolinska Institutet

The government has today decided on the members of the KI University Board (konsistoriet) whom it is to appoint. The new members were proposed by the nomination committee, comprising County Governor Christ Heister, former University Chancellor Lars Haikola and a student representative.

The new board is to be in place by 1 May. Apart from the government-appointed members, the board consists of the vice-chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor and the university director along with three faculty representatives (appointed internally), three student representatives (appointed by the students’ unions) and three staff representatives.

Government-appointed members:

Lars Leijonborg, chair, returning
Susana Borrás, returning
Sofia Heidenberg, new
Marianne Lundius, new
Jonas Milton, new
Torbjörn Rosdahl, returning
Lisa Sennerby Forsse, new
Charlotte Strömberg, returning

Members to leave the board:

Annika Andersson
Dan Andersson
Anders Blanck
Eskil Franck

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