Published: 20-06-2019 16:15 | Updated: 20-06-2019 16:15

CTMR forms collaboration with the BGI Group

MGI Forms Partnership with Karolinska Institutet Centre for Translational Microbiome Research (CTMR). Photo: John Sennett

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (MGI), a subsidiary of BGI Group, have announced a collaboration in microbiome research with the Centre for Translational Microbiome Research (CTMR) at Karolinska Institutet.

The project is lead by Professor Lars Engstrand and Professor Mathias Uhlén, supported by Karolinska Institutet and Ferring Pharmaceuticals, using MGI’s DNBSEQTM technology to generate high quality shotgun metagenomics data from one of the largest microbiome biobanks. The collaboration will form a foundation for understanding the contribution of the microbiome to normal physiology and pathophysiology, and opens opportunities for development of novel therapies to address gastroenterology, cancer, reproductive health and neonatology.

The long-term objective of CTMR is to identify and characterize factors (both microbial and host related) that determine or modify the excess risk of disease outcome e.g. to determine the relationship between human health and changes in our gut microbiome. 

More information about this collaboration in the press release