Published: 23-10-2019 17:54 | Updated: 26-02-2020 18:00

Creativity day filled with music, art and illusion

Karolinska Institutet’s Culture Week took place between October 14 and 18 with numerous events and activities that showcased the richness of talents and perspectives within our university.

As the culmination of the week, President Ole Petter Ottersen, the Cultural Council, and Medical Students’ Union (MF) invited all KI students, staff, and alumni to a Culture and Creativity Day programme in Aula Medica filled with music, movement, illusion and cultural conversations.

For KI President Ole Petter Ottersen, art is of great personal interest and he is passionate about showcasing a wide variety of perspectives.

“I am convinced that art and other cultural expressions contribute to new ways of thinking that inspire our creativity, challenge us in our work, and strengthen our university. Culture Week gives us the opportunity to discover some of the many exciting connections that exist between culture, creativity and science. It also gives us a unique forum to meet across traditional university boundaries so that everyone who participates can be part of creating something together, which is central to KI’s Strategy 2030 and to our core values.”

The programme in the Aula Medica was followed by an evening in the student union building with live music and a photo exhibition.

Selection of photos from the week

Chamber music ensemble in the background with art pieces in the foreground.
Music by Stroket, Medical Student Union’s chamber music ensemble, in front of part of the art exhibition. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Woman singing and three men playing the guitar.
Serendipia entertained at the inauguration of the art exhibition during the Culture Week 2019. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Joakim Forsgren framför en glasmonter.
Joakim Forsgren in front of his art installation on René Descartes in Aula Medica. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Portrait of Ingemar Ernberg during the art exhibition inauguration
Ingemar Ernberg, Chair of the KI Culture Council (KI Kulturrådet). Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Musiker på scenen
Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Rektor Ole Petter Ottersen på scenen.
Welcome address by the President Ole Petter Ottersen. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Josephine Schneider på sccenen
Cultural Council representative Josephine Schneider guided the audience through the full programme. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Sjungande grupp på scenen.
Musical entertainment by Flix & Corpus, a part of the Medical Students' Union's. Photo: Ulf Sirborn
Karin Jensen holding a stick on stage with Tom Stone.
Illusionist Tom Stone discussed bodies, perception and movement together with Karin Jensen (KI/CNS). Photo: Ulf Sirborn