Published: 07-11-2023 13:47 | Updated: 07-11-2023 13:46

Competition time: Let’s improve the cleanliness of the common kitchen!

KI Housing is giving out cinema tickets to all tenants in the corridor/floor who have collaborated and achieved the cleanest common kitchen by the end of the competition period. The goal of this competition is to encourage collaboration in maintaining a welcoming and tidy kitchen!

Competition period:
The competition period is November 15 to November 21. Our Residence Managers will visit the common kitchens for cleanliness assessments during the competition period.

The winners will be announced on November 27.

To join the competition, send your contribution:
1. Write minimum three tips on how you collaborated with your corridor mates to improve the cleanliness of the common kitchen.
2. Send two photos of your shared kitchen to One picture of how the kitchen looked like before the competition started and one picture of the result.

Terms and conditions:
- Tenants staying in studios with shared kitchen at Fogdevreten 13 or tenants staying in a KI corridor in Strix or Pax can participate.
- Work together with your corridor mates to improve the cleanliness of the common kitchen in your corridor/on your floor.
- Designate one tenant in each corridor/floor to submit the corridor’s/ floor’s contribution.
- KI Housing has the right to use the pictures and tips that we received during the competition period in our information material for marketing purposes.
- Regular cleaning is provided as usual even during the competition period but it is as always the responsibility of each tenant to clean the kitchen after use to ensure a hygienic environment.