Published: 04-05-2016 22:43 | Updated: 09-05-2016 13:10

Comment on current media in the matter of suspected scientific misconduct

Commentary: Wednesday 4 May, the former KI researcher and surgeon Paolo Macchiarini is interviewed in The Swedish Medical Association news magazine Läkartidningen and Swedish Television.

In the interview in Läkartidningen, Paolo Macchiarini expresses that KI's decision to discharge him was ill-founded and further claims that KI's actions were media-driven. KI does not share this view. The decision to discharge Paolo Macchiarini was taken by the Staff Disciplinary Board at KI, and was preceeded by a thorough investigation exposing several circumstances rendering it impossible for KI to continue cooperating with him. These circumstances were described in a press release at the time of the decision.

KI does not have any further comments until after the conclusions from several on-going investigations relating to this.