Published: 11-03-2011 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:29

Coffee linked to reduced risk of stroke

[NEWS, 11 March 2011] Women who drink one cup of coffee or more a day have a 22 to 25 percent lower risk of getting a stroke, according to a new study from Karolinska Institutet. The study, published in the scientific journal Stroke, was based on data from 34,670 women aged 49 to 83.

Susanna LarssonPhoto: Ulf Sirborn

The women in the study were followed for about 10 years, and were using a self-administered questionnaire about their coffee-drinking habits. The findings also suggest that low or no coffee consumption is associated with an increased risk of stroke in women.

The researchers at the Institute of Environmental Medicine note that it is too early to give any recommendations about changed coffee-drinking habits. The findings should, however, ease the concerns of some women.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Therefore, even small health effects of substances in coffee may have large public health consequences.


Susanna C. Larsson, Jarmo Virtamo & Alicja Wolk

Coffee Consumption and Risk of Stroke in Women

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