Published: 14-06-2024 14:32 | Updated: 14-06-2024 14:35

Catharina Ihre Lundgren new chairman of the Swedish Society of Medicine

Portrait photo
Catharina Ihre Lundgren. Photo: Erik Flyg

The Swedish Medical Society has decided to appoint Catharina "Cia" Ihre Lundgren as the new president of the Swedish Medical Society, SLS. She takes office on July 1, 2024 and succeeds Tobias Alfvén, who is leaving the post after four years as president.

Catharina Ihre Lundgren is a breast and endocrine surgeon at Karolinska University Hospital, as well as associate professor at the research group Endocrine Surgery, the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery at Karolinska Institutet. For the past three years, she has been vice-chairman at SLS .

“I am very happy and deeply honored to be entrusted with leading the Swedish Medical Society, which is a fantastic organization with many committed colleagues. I will really do my best to continue the important work that Tobias Alfvén has achieved during his presidency and I look forward to the assignment”, says Catharina Ihre Lundgren.