Published: 02-10-2020 10:01 | Updated: 09-12-2020 09:39

Almost SEK 30 million in KAW project grant

Photo of a man, leaves in the background
Herwig Schüler Photo: Anders Lindholm

Herwig Schüler, Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, KI, is co-applicant in a project lead by Umeå University, which are about to receive almost SEK 30 million in project grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) for a project on "Decoding bacterial toxin-antitoxin systems: from high-throughput discovery to molecular mechanisms and biotechnology".

The project is lead by the Department of Molecular Biology at Umeå University and the researchers will study the toxin and antitoxin systems that dramatically affect the physiology and growth of bacteria, and protect against viral infection. Herwig Schüler, BioNut, is co-applicant in the 5-year project, which will receive SEK 29,6 millions in project grant from KAW.




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