Published: 04-12-2023 15:50 | Updated: 14-12-2023 11:49

Your profile page will be replaced on December 14

All employees and affiliates have a personal profile page on On the evening of December 14, your current page will be replaced by a new one that retrieves all the information from KI RIMS. If you have made changes to the text on your current page after September 7, you need to redo them in KI RIMS.


  • All employees (administrators, researchers, PhD students) and affiliates at KI get a new personal profile page that retrieves information from KI RIMS. 
  • On September 7, the text (if there was any) from the current pages was transferred to KI RIMS.
  • If you have made changes to the text on your current page after 7 September, you need to make the same changes in KI RIMS for them to appear on your new page.
  • On the evening of December 14, the old profile pages are replaced by the new ones.

Edit your profile page 

An updated profile page makes it easier for both colleagues and outsiders to get in touch with the right person and competence. The profile page is usually the first hit when searching for your name on KI’s website and often the first hit when searching on, for example, Google.

KI RIMS helps you keep your profile page up to date by automatically sending a lot of information from other systems to your profile page. You can decide for yourself what to show and you can also add information.

NB! Have you made changes to your current page after September 7?
If you have changed the text on your current page after September 7 when the information was transferred to KI RIMS, you need to make the same changes in KI RIMS before the new profile page is launched.

The new profile page - this is what it looks like 

On the new profile page, the information is presented in tabs. If there is no information, the tab is not displayed. The page is available in both Swedish and English (the example below only shows the English one). 

Illustration of the new personal profile page coming in December.
Illustration of the new personal profile page coming in December.

The top

A fixed box with picture, current position, contact details and organizational affiliation. If you are docent or head of department, it is automatically displayed in the title field. If you have marked any employment or assignment as a favorite in KI RIMS, it will also be displayed as a title here.

If you have entered links to Linkedin, ResearchGate, Google scholar or X, they will appear as icons here.

The tabs:

About me: 

Here is the text you have written about yourself. If you had information on your current profile page on September 7, it will appear here. Please go in and review it - some things may need to be, or are already, under one of the other tabs. 


If you have publications, they are shown here.
In KI RIMS you can: 

  • control which publications should be visible on your profile page 
  • favorite publications that you want to list as Selected publications 
  • add publications - manually or by confirming suggested ones. 

If you have not done any of the above, all publications that you have previously verified in the bibliometric system are listed. 


If you have confirmed and/or entered information about received grants in KI RIMS, you can choose to show them here. Favorite grants will be listed as Selected grants.


Here, the current employment, docent and degrees from KI are automatically displayed. You can add, for example, previous employments, educations, supervision assignments, participation in committees and other merits. 

Public outreach and news: 

Here, all news from where you are included are automatically listed. In KI RIMS you can add participation in other media in the Publication box.

Keywors on the right-hand plate

In February 2024, we expect to launch a new filtering search function for research information on It will filter on the tag labels you have set for yourself in KI RIMS. When the filtering search is launched, these tags will be displayed on your profile page and can be clicked on.


More introductions and courses will be announced in due course on the page KI RIMS for users and in the KI calendar.