Published: 07-11-2023 15:42 | Updated: 29-11-2023 13:48

Your new profile page on – in December instead of November

Challenges in the development and testing of the technical environments require the KI RIMS project to have more time to work. This means that the publication of the new profile pages on is postponed from November 9 to the evening of December 14.

What can I do in the meantime?

All information on your new profile page will be retrieved from KI RIMS. 

Since 25 October, you can manage your profile information in KI RIMS. You find information that has been collected from different systems, such as publications and qualifications, as well as the text that was on your current profile page on 7 September when it was transferred to KI RIMS.

You can edit your text, manage publications, etc., and add anything that is missing. What you do now will be reflected on your new profile page when it's published in December.

What happens to my current profile page on

Your current profile page will remain on until the new one is published.

N.B! It's still possible to make changes or additions to your current page, but please note that changes made after 7 September won't carry over to your new profile page. The advice is therefore to only do what is necessary and at the same time make the same change to your profile in KI RIMS so that it is transferred to your new profile page.


More introductions and courses will be announced in due course on the page KI RIMS for users and in the KI calendar.