Published: 12-04-2024 15:13 | Updated: 12-04-2024 15:14

Would you like to compete in Researchers' Grand Prix?

Researchers' Grand Prix 2023
Researchers' Grand Prix 2023 Photo: Christofer Andersson

Researchers’ Grand Prix is a competition that challenges researchers to present their research in the most comprehensible, captivating and inspiring way – in just four minutes. The competition will be held during the event "Forskarfredag" organized by Vetenskapens hus on September 27th.

"Forskarfredag" will also feature workshops, lectures, and a science fair. The target audience is high school students. If you are interested in participating, please contact Sabina Giulini at the Communications Office, Currently, we are primarily looking for researchers for dialogues and workshops with school classes, as well as a researcher for the "Forskargrandprix" competition.