Published: 13-04-2010 00:00 | Updated: 21-02-2014 10:16

World-leading stem cell researchers gather in Stockholm

Regenerative medicine is a fast-developing, dynamic research field that deals with replacing lost cells and tissue with new cells. The world´s most eminent researchers in the field are to congregate in Stockholm on 14 to 16 April to participate in the Nobel Conference on Regenerative Medicine.

Already today, four out of every five children with acute leukaemia are cured through bone marrow cell grafts. The goal is to be able to use cell therapy to treat many other diseases, such as Parkinson´s, spinal cord trauma and diabetes.

At the Nobel Conference on Regenerative Medicine, scientists will be discussing cell therapy, which concerns everything from the circulation system to muscles and other important organ systems. The conference will be dealing with techniques of stem cell production, monitoring the development of stem cells into other cells, and the use of stem cell therapy for different diseases: everything, in other words, from basic research to clinical application. The conference is arranged by Professor Urban Lendahl.