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Published: 2019-09-30 09:20 | Updated: 2019-09-30 12:32

Workshop: How can LIME contribute to the implementation of Strategy 2030?

On 16 September, LIME staff was invited to a workshop with the purpose to discuss and come up with ideas on how the department could contribute and support the implementation of Strategy 2030 at KI.

Post-it lappar med olika idéer på hur alla på KI kan bidra till Strategi 2030

The participants were initially divided into four different groups by Maria Deckeman, facilitator of the workshop. Thereafter they were invited to a brainstorming session where they were asked to reflect on how we all can ensure that Strategy 2030 becomes a concern for the whole of KI, focusing on organisational culture and core values. Each group was to write down ideas on Post-its, evaluate them and select three to share with the other groups.

Once all the ideas had been presented by all four groups, they were assembled in different categories and the participants were then asked to choose the category they were most interested and likely to engage in.

Here are some of the topics/themes that were raised:

  • Start From Within – be a role model and gain ownership of the strategy to become its ambassadors.
  • A Common Terminology – simplify the communication, enhance collaboration, reduce misunderstandings.
  • The Hotel Metaphor "Motel 6 or Ritz Carlton" – is KI still a research hotel? If so, what kind of a hotel? If not, what do we aspire to become?
  • "What?!!! - No, "Why?" – by helping everyone to understand the why, it is easier to relate to "how" and "what".
  • A Tangible Recognition Programme – recognise what enhances and what refrains, what is good/bad; give Feedback; change. LIME can offer process support which could also lead to research on the subject matter, publications, improvement.

By the end of the workshop, five persons from the department had volunteered to continue working with the implementation of Strategy 2030. A follow up session with President Ole Petter Ottersen will take place in November 2019.