Published: 10-06-2015 14:39 | Updated: 20-08-2015 16:27

Winner of the Work environment prize

Recently the prize for the department's best work effort in 2014 was awarded.

The winner is Viveca Petré, Head Nurse at Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes.

The justification for the price is that Viveca is unafraid to solve problems and can do it professionally. She also takes time to listen to people and can talk to anyone. The prize was awarded by Head of Department, Jan Bolinder, during the meeting for the Work environment group. Viveca is nominated by colleagues at the Department.

What does it mean for you to get this award, Viveca?

I'm very happy and surprised. The award means my colleagues think I do a good job and that feels very good. I really like my job!