Published: 29-11-2023 09:42 | Updated: 29-11-2023 09:42

Well done for the environment at the Department of Dental Medicine and University Dental Clinic!

Photo: Pixabay

We are unique at KI with our environmental certification. The audit in November 2023 showed continued very stable and positive development - and we were recommended continued ISO 1400 certification by the audit manager. So we continue to reduce our negative environmental impact - well done to all of us!

Everyone is making a difference

  • We have good system support for legal requirements and chemical products.
  • Stratsys: good annual planning/planning for activities and environmental goals. Good follow-up of our overall goals.
  • We have committed environmental representatives with clear responsibilities and authorisations.
  • Our environmental group is committed and supports the environmental work and pushes forward. 
  • We involve students in our environmental work.
  • All employees attend environmental training every year.
  • We are good at the entire chemical process. We risk assess/risk evaluate methods, check purchases, conduct chemical inventory in KLARA and sort waste according to KI's procedures.

Our strengths

We have a robust model with clear environmental processes for continuous improvement.

We have a committed management and employees

We use Stratsys for effective planning of operations and follow-up of environmental goals. 

Summary of the audit

The audit showed consistently very good results during the review, which was carried out via interviews with representatives from management and employees in selected parts of the organisation. And via random sampling of documentation in accordance with the mandatory requirements. 

Revised processes and parts of the organisation

Management, environmental management, clinical support, oral rehabilitation clinic, prevention and disease treatment clinic, HR and the internal audit process. för intern revision.

The full report from the audit is available here - in Swedish