Published: 02-06-2022 14:24 | Updated: 02-06-2022 14:24

Welcome to Transatlantic ECI GPCR symposium, July 6 & 7

The 2nd Transatlantic ECI GPCR symposium is a two-half-day virtual meeting on July 6 & 7 aimed at facilitating connections between early career investigators (ECIs) in Europe and North America who study GPCRs.

Why are we hosting a virtual meeting in 2022? We believe that one of the major barriers for early career investigators to attend meetings is cost, and we hope that virtual meetings that are free of charge will enable better exposure and networking for those who may otherwise not be able to

Organized by Paula Morales (Instituto de Quimica Médica, CSIC), John Janetzko (Stanford University), Magdalena M. Scharf (Karolinska Institutet), and Cory P. Johnson (University of Maine), the meeting will feature

  • two keynote lectures from young up-and-coming researchers: David Olsen (UC Davis) and Miriam Stoeber (University of Geneva)
  • 15 talks by ECIs selected from submitted abstracts
  • 2 interactive poster sessions on a range of research topics that involve GPCRs


In addition to these scientific sessions, this meeting will offer a forum for ECIs to interact with a number of established GPCR researchers from around the world. Through our career development panel we aim to answer trainee questions and discuss opportunities for GPCR research today and into the future. Furthermore, informal “lunch sessions” in small groups will allow trainees to talk to more senior researchers and ask them any questions they always wanted to ask to researchers more advanced in their career: about science, career trajectory, work/life balance, the difficulties of starting a new lab/industry job/... or anything else that comes to mind! On one day these sessions will be led by senior GPCR investigators, while on the second day we will provide opportunities for trainees to speak with new PIs and junior group leaders.


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