Published: 24-05-2019 10:43 | Updated: 28-05-2019 06:38

Welcome to the new!

You are one of the first to visit Karolinska Institutet's redesigned website. Welcome!
Now we have launched with a new look and a lot of improved features. We hope you like what you see.

screen shot of short cuts on
Short cuts that will help you to navigate and find your content on

One of the major changes is in the navigation. The shortcuts menu will accompany you everywhere. Through them you can easily access the most visited pages.

The search function is developed to enable filtering of searches and results.

The design is elaborated in order to work well regardless of which gadget (mobile, tablet, computer) or platform you surf with.


We put a lot of effort into ensuring that accessibility meets the new legal requirements. A bonus is that this work improves the experience of for all visitors and makes the content accessible to more people.

The website has been rebuilt to be safer and more stable with greater opportunities for further development. Already in the autumn, the staff portal will be partly put behind login.

screen shot onägar
Students at Karolinska Institutet can access their pages through a shortcut accessible everywhere on the site.

For students

Student at Karolinska Institutet today have their own shortcuts. The link "If you are ... student" takes you to the page Student at KI with information related to your studies and student life at KI. From the start, during your studies to the exam and beyond into your future working life.

On this page you will also find all digital services.

If you are interested in studying at Karolinska Institutet, you will find information about which courses we offer on Education or on "If you want at KI".

Behind the screens

The Karolinska Institutet web site is built in the content managemen system Drupal. When we needeed to upgrade to the next version of it (from 7 to 8) we took the chance to redesign and rebuild the entire web site. Among other developments we moved all content into four sub site, Education, Staff, News and, to facilitate further development.

Editors of have been very busy during May learning the new system and adjusting their content. Part of that work will be done after the launch.