Published: 20-06-2022 11:48 | Updated: 20-06-2022 15:28

Welcome to NVS Retreat 2022 at Djurönäset!

Here follows some practical information regarding our retreat.

Transportation to Djurönäset

The buses will be leaving at 10.15 am on June 21st from Alfred Nobels allé 23, Flemingsberg and Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6, Solna.
In case of unexpected delays or other emergencies in the morning, please see contact information below.

Contact persons for bus transport at ANA 23:

Mona Hellstadius – 08-524 868 14 / 073-7121617
Annika Larsson – 08-524 837 01 / 070-223 25 10

Contact persons for bus transport at Aula Medica:
Ellinor Lindh - 08-524 858 38 / 079-068 21 65
​​Chengxuan Qiu - 079-068 21 48

Upon your arrival

ALL prebooked and preregistered posters / other presentational materials can be hanged up day 1 upon your arrival. The poster exhibition is located on the right side of the main entrance.
Poster stands will be marked with the designated codes. There will be pins available for hanging.


Group check-in; room keys are available from 15.00. Rooms are booked according to your preference single or double.
Check-out latest at 10.30 am day of departure.

Drinks during mingle & dinner

NVS department will offer us two (2) glasses of wine/beer/cider. The first one for the mingle and the second one with our starter during the dinner.

The hotel reception sells drink coupons from your arrival until the dinner starts. If you wish to have more than the one offered glass for the dinner you can get it from your waiter against prepaid drink coupons. Drink coupons are available for wine, beer, and cider. For other beverages as dessert wine or avec we ask you to contact the bar during the dinner. All alcohol-free drinks during the mingle and seated dinner are offered by the department.

You can find attached:

  • Final program 
  • Short talks timetable
  • Meeting points for the department council groups for the activity day 1 at 16.15-17.15 marked in a map over Djurönäset
  • General information on the location and how to get there


See you all at Djurönäset!

Djurönäset's working group