Published: 08-10-2015 14:10 | Updated: 08-10-2015 14:10

Welcome to AIMday Diagnostics & Biomarkers November 18th

Take the opportunity to apply your expertise to industry´s challenges. AIMday Diagnostics & Biomarkers is a meeting focused on bringing academic researchers, clinicians and company representatives together for discussions on the present and future challenges around diagnostics and biomarkers.

  • Learn about industry´s needs for new knowledge and competence in your area of expertise
  • Discuss collaborations in various forms (e.g. joint programs, commissioned research and students)
  • Make contacts within the industry that might lead to future projects, joint applications or employment
  • Meet scientists from other departments or universities to discuss issues of common interest

AIMday Diagnostics & Biomarkers will be held at Navet, BMC, Uppsala on November 18, 2015.

The event is co-organized by Uppsala University, SciLifeLab and SWElife.