Published: 15-09-2023 17:30 | Updated: 31-10-2023 14:41

Welcome to a half-day course about threats and violence

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As a result of a tougher social climate, worsened security situation, and examples of deadly violence at schools and universities, employees and students have expressed concerns about deteriorated workplace environment due to perceived insecurity.

NVS management takes these concerns seriously. We are now offering safety training for all employees, in order to enhance individual and organizational security. Increased knowledge makes us mentally prepared for how to act in the event of a worst-case scenario. Lessons will be followed up and discussed at staff meetings.

Conducting the course in Flemingsberg is Lena Ljungdahl, former police officer, expert on school safety and specialist in methods and tactics for handling ongoing deadly violent attacks (PDV). She is also the adviser for The Swedish Center for Preventing Violent Extremism (CVE) and has carried out training at several schools, municipalities, hospitals, companies, and other parts of society.

October 23 at 13.00 – 16.30, Flemingsberg, Alfred Nobels allé 23, room H1 – in Swedish

Conducting the course in Solna is Meta Broddare, a former police officer specializing in mediation, negotiation, conflict management and violent extremism. She teaches in threats and violence, PDV and inclusive workplace culture.

November 13 at 13.00 – 15.30, Solna, Bioclinicum, room J3:07 Sune Bergström – in English

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Following these on-site lessons, there will be a complementary digital educational tool available where employees can repeat and deepen their knowledge.

Kind regards,

Maria Ankarcrona, Head of department