Published: 23-08-2017 16:44 | Updated: 23-08-2017 16:44

Welcome Petra - new coordinator at the NVS central management

Petra Helkala. Photo: Selma Wolofsky

What’s your assignment at NVS?

My function will be to assist the Head of Department and the management group, in order for them to successfully manage their assignment and responsibilities to lead one of KI:s biggest departments. I will be helping with the basic administrative side, but also follow up different processes and matters.

What do you look forward to working here?

I look most forward to learning how KI is organized, not to mention getting a chance to (at least indirectly) contribute to peoples wellbeing in the world.

What’s your previous experience from work life and academia?

I have earlier worked for different shipping companies as i.e. intendant and service manager. I have a masters exam in political sciences with main subject public international law, as well as a bachelor in social anthropology.

How do you spend your spare time?

I enjoy traveling with my family, read detective stories, watch sci-fi movies, to see flowers grow and pattern knitting. Also, Skiing and playing golf although I did not have much time to spend on it for the last couple of years, instead I´ve been hanging out on the playground and doing other childish and fun things with my 2 years old son. Every day is a new adventure!