Published: 30-12-2020 11:18 | Updated: 06-03-2021 10:47

Welcome Per Nilsson, new deputy head of the Division of Neurogeriatrics

Per Nilsson has been appointed deputy head of the Divison of Neurogeriatrics, NVS, starting December 1, 2020.

Portrait of Per Nilsson, Assistant professor, NVS
Per Nilsson, deputy head of the Division of Neurogeriatrics, NVS. Photo: Private.

Did you hesitate before accepting the position as deputy head of division?

No, not really, I know what it meant and that I wanted to take the job.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

To be a part of the leadership, planning and development along with Helena Karlström, head of division. Working together with the division PI:s to conduct successful research in neurodegenerative diseases in a creative and open environment, and strengthen our potential both nationally and internationally.

Will you also continue your regular work?

My role as deputy head is 30%, so I will continue to lead my research group in Alzheimer’s disease, which I am passionate about.

What is the first thing you will do?

To get updated about the status of the division, and to listen to my colleagues.

Do you anticipate any particular challenges?

It is always a challenge to become a manager for colleagues you have worked with for a long time, but I think it will work out with a humble approach and a clear and fair attitude.

What do you look forward to beginning with?

To learn about our financial situation and contribute ideas about how we best can use our resources to enhance education and research in a good work environment. As the Corona situation improves, I look forward to external networking to represent our division, especially for research funding.