Published: 09-06-2022 08:47 | Updated: 19-08-2022 09:02

Welcome Josefine Berg! MedH:s new Educational administrator

Welcome Josefine Berg, our new Educational administrator! Josefine starts at MedH on June 7 and will mainly work with administration for the new medical program (läkarprogrammet).

Photo of woman-
Josefine Berg, MedH. Photo: Pia Nordin

What do you look forward to with your new role? 

I'm looking forward to all the new challenges I will face here at MedH. My background is in the humanities, which is a different type of environment compared to KI I can imagine. I'm excited to enter this new world! I'll appreciate that I can continue to work with students and teachers, and I also look forward to learn more about the medical program and the education here.

What are your main tasks as an educational administrator? 

I will administrate the undergraduate education at MedH, and mainly work close to Karin Sendek, and GUA in Term 5 and Term 6 at the new medical program (läkarprogrammet). Since the medical program is undergoing major changes, the focus will be on relieving Karin there with different types of administrative tasks.

What did you work with before? 

In my recent role, I was at Stockholm University, working as a study counselor, course administrator and scheduler at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism. Prior to that, I studied social anthropology and also a little French and Spanish. I have previously also studied arts and crafts at a folk high school (folkhögskola).

During my education, both of my essays were about medical anthropology, as I studied the conversations/meetings between medical doctors and patients. Working as an Educational administrator at a medical department, means that I now can follow up a bit on that interest, which I'll enjoy!

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

I have a two-year-old daughter, so family life is a big part of my spare time. My partner is from a small village right by the sea on the Irish west coast, so we go there a lot, especially in the summer time. I think that Irish people are so wonderful, social and generous!

What are your plans for the summer?

I will work until the end of June and then start my vacation around the same time as Karin. The plan is to travel to Ireland with the family.