Published: 19-08-2022 09:17 | Updated: 19-08-2022 09:25

Welcome Cecilia Betnér! New HR-partner at MedH

Welcome Cecilia Betnér, our new HR-partner. Cecilia started at MedH August 10 and will cover for Ellen Carlsson who is acting in the place of Annamaj Stolt who is on parental leave.

Photo of woman.
Cecilia Betnér, HR-partner at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge. Photo: Amalia Kewenter

What are your main tasks as HR-partner? 

As an HR partner, I will, among other things, work with managerial support, recruitment and handeling newly employed. My job will also include some labor law and work environment issues. For example, I will be part of the Organizational and social work environment group at MedH.

What do you look forward to with your new role? 

I look forward to working with managerial support at a public authority. It's going to be interesting to be a HR-partner at a university, specifically at Karolinska Institutet, since I was previously a student here. Working in HR is great considering all the meetings with different people. Depending on the person you have in front of you, it can be very different, and I like that. I'm excited to get to know the employees of this organization, the MedH colleagues I have met so far are friendly and open. It seems to be a good and pleasant atmosphere here at the department!

What did you work with before? 

I most recently come from the fuel industry where I worked as a HR generalist at Preem where I did a lot of employer branding as well as some recruitment. Before that I worked with labor law and management support towards the organization in the retail sector. I have previously also been working as CEO Assistant at a small consulting company. That's also where I discovered the field of HR and started studying. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a specialization in work organization psychology from Karolinska Institutet, in my Bachelor's thesis I focused specifically on work life.

What do you like doing on your spare time? 

I enjoy doing pilates and playing golf with my husband. I also like to challenge myself by cooking and trying out complicated recipes.