Published: 27-04-2023 15:32 | Updated: 27-04-2023 15:33

Welcome Adrián Carballo-Casla

New postdoc at the division of Aging Research Center, NVS.

Adrián Carballo-Casla, new postdoc at the division of Aging Research Center, NVS. Photo: Private.

What is your mission at NVS?/What will you be working with?

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga’s research group. Our research will put geriatric syndromes, mortality, and the biological mechanisms of aging at the centre, and study them through the lenses of dietary patterns, foods, nutrients, and cooking techniques.

Which division will you be working at?

I will be working at the Aging Research Center of Karolinska Institutet.

What do you look forward to the most in your new position? 

I look forward to improving evidence on the dietary determinants of geriatric syndromes and mortality in older adults, as well as training the next generation of health professionals and researchers.

Where have you been active before and what have you done earlier?

From 2019 to 2022, I studied a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In 2022, I visited the University College London as an Affiliate Academic. All the research that we conducted was also on nutritional, geriatric epidemiology.

When you are not working, what do you do for recreation?

I am particularly fond of spearfishing, swimming, and sport climbing. I try to cook as much as possible, although I am a mediocre chef, truth be told. Virtually the only thing that I enjoy watching is Formula 1.

Are you reading a book at the moment? Which one?

It has been a long time since I last read a book. It is mostly newspapers and academic papers for me.

Tell us about the most beautiful place you have visited?

The Eastern coast of Spain, which is the one place that I keep going to over and over. Setting sail, jumping into the water, and admiring the seafloor that lays twenty meters under your feet is not something you can easily forget.

What makes you happy?

I enjoy spending time with my family and meeting my friends, especially underwater or on the wall. Publishing a nice paper from time to time is not too bad, either.