Published: 28-04-2022 14:55 | Updated: 28-04-2022 14:57

Webinars on teaching and learning

Take part in webinars with a focus on teaching and learning. Workshops and discussions for you as a teacher who want to exchange experiences and be inspired.

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The themes for this spring's webinars are, among other things, continous development of learning on the clinical placement, Universal Design (UDL) in your Canvas course and building you pedagogical qualification portfolio.

The webinars are mainly held in English but are adapted depending on the participants. Of course you are free to ask questions in the language you are most comfortable with.

Upcoming webinars

All webinars can be found in the calendar for teaching and learning courses and webinars or in the calendar on Teaching and Learning. Please put upcoming webinars in your own calendar right away! 

No registration needed

No registration is needed, Zoom link for each webinar is found in each calendar activity.


Do you have requests for other webinars? Please contact us!

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