Published: 01-09-2016 06:27 | Updated: 01-09-2016 06:30

“We want to increase the interaction between PhD students”

The first NVS doctoral student retreat ever will take place Monday October 3, 2016. This could be the start of an annual tradition that aims to improve the interaction between the PhD students working with similar research topics at the department´s divisions.

“Through this first retreat we hope to stimulate scientific dialogue and promote collaborations across NVS, as well as to provide inspiration on future careers with a PhD”, says Anna Marseglia, Chairman of the NVS Doctoral Student Council.

Like a TED Talk

The retreat will take place at Ljunglöfska slottet located in Bromma. The preliminary program includes a morning session with presentations from each of the eleven divisions at NVS. The concept is quite similar to a TED Talk.

“A PhD student from each division is asked to give a short presentation, introducing research conducted in his/her division in a fun and inspirational way – which is not always that easy. Since we will only be students, this is a good opportunity to practice in a friendly environment! The best presentation will be awarded with a prize”, says Anna Marseglia.

The afternoon session includes workshops – i.e. career dialogue with NVS alumni and current researchers, peer groups, and discussing equal treatment and equality issues –, group activities, and a nice dinner in the evening.

Time to register

If you are a PhD student at NVS and want to register, please send an email to or by latest September 9.

There are a limited number of seats (about 35), so a “first-come first-served” policy will be applied.