Published: 01-09-2022 16:29 | Updated: 01-09-2022 16:30

We are happy to welcome Hannes Asplund to GPH

Hannes Asplund is, since 1 August 2022, the new Financial Controller at the GPH Administration. We have asked Hannes some questions about his expectations starting working with us at GPH.

Hannes Asplund
Hannes Asplund, Department of Global Public Health. Photo: Linn Sjöberg.

What did you do before starting at GPH?

"I completed my degree in Economics at Linnaeus University in 2019. After that I worked as an accountant at a private company in the franchise sector for a short period and most recently I come from the Grants Management Office which is part of the Research Support Office here at KI. There I worked with follow-up and reporting of EU- and NIH-funded research projects", says Hannes Asplund.

Why did you want to join us at GPH?

"After having been working at Grants Management Office for 2.5 years, I felt it was time to try something new. I think KI is a fantastic business to work in and I was determined to continue developing internally within the organization. In my previous role at KI, I worked within the centralized part of the business and I felt a strong interest in working closer to the research. Already in the interview phase, I got a clear picture of how GPH functions as an organization and what expectations there are of operational support. It was in line with how I myself think it should work".

What are you looking forward to the most working here with us?

"Continuing to work with research support feels very enjoyable. I am also looking forward to working more with the financial follow-up of the Department. This is a very broad role with great responsibility, which means that I will get to develop in many areas".

What do you think are the biggest challenges?

"Hard to say, one challenge that I see is to get to know the business in depth and to capture the needs that exist. That feels important to me, the rest usually falls into place with time.

Tell us something that we do not know about you?

"I consume football in abundance. Closest to my heart are IFK Norrköping and FC Barcelona".


Hannes Asplund Financial controller